Custom size canvas prints

Written By Paul On 14 Apr 2022

Why are custom size canvas and framed prints important?

Cropping is one of the most important aspects of editing images.  How an image is cropped has a huge impact of where the focus of the image is and how the subjects work with the overall composition of your custom size canvas.

The rule of thirds

A custom size print allows you to make sure that the rule of thirds is used effectively.

The Rule of Thirds provides points in the composition where focal points of a photograph are placed in the intersection of a 3×3 grid. Where you place the focal point should depend on the orientation of the subject and allow the subject to look into the open spaces.

The rule of thirds

How the image will fit into the interior design

It is a good idea to plan the size of your custom framed print so that it has the correct space around it to suit the wall that it is hanging on.  Standard sizes will not always suit the space you are trying to fill.  Measure your space and then work out how big your image should be.

The example below shows drawers that are 2m wide and I want the image to fit inside that space.

Custom size canvas prints

Canvas prints vs Framed photographic prints

Canvas prints can be ordered to the exact dimensions to suit the application. When ordering a framed photographic print there are a couple of extra dimensions that should be considered.

A framed print will have extra components:

  1. A Matt board to mount over the image (At Printwild this will vary from 40mm to 85mm depending on the size of your framed print).
  2. A frame profile that has a thickness (You can view the size of our print profiles on our Framed prints page).

When calculating the wall size that you are going to fill you need to add these components.

As an example if you ordered a 600mm x 400mm framed print with the following dimensions,


  • Image size: 600mm x 400mm
  • Matboard 55mm all round = 710mm x 510mm
  • Frame profile of 30mm = 770mm x 570mm

your final framed print size would be 770mm x 570mm

Custom frame diamentions

Upload your image and specify the custom size print.

Upload the original image and specify the the exact size of the print. Printwild will subjectively crop the image to suit the aspect ratio and size that has been ordered.

For further tips on creatively cropping ,check out this article.

Once you are happy with your image, order your custom canvas or framed print at