St Martin’s Pre-Primary Goes Wild at PrintWild

Written By Bianca Bouwmeeser Neumann On 17 Mar 2020

St Martin’s Pre-Primary Goes Wild at PrintWild


The office was buzzing with excited sounds as the Gr R students from St Martin’s Pre-Primary joined us on a school outing for the morning to see a printing shop in action!

The children have been learning about photography this term and when their teachers reached out to us and asked if they could have their term 1 school excursion at PrintWild, we were more than happy to host them and we took great pride in influencing the next generation of photographers!

The tour started with a fantastic demonstation from our expert framer, Bungee on how we prep and frame from scratch. To make it extra personal, we took a beautiful Matte Fine Art print of their school and printed it to be framed. The children and adults alike were fanscinated by the amazing attention to detail as Bungee measured and cut the matt board, glass and frame profle. 

  Once completed, we gifted this framed print to the teachers to take back to school with them after the outing.

What is a trip to PrintWild without seeing where all the action takes place? After being wowed by the framing process, the children got a chance to witness the editing process with our Pro Photographer and editor, Paul Senior. He demonstrated how he takes images and edits them to make them absolutely perfect for print – everytime! This was a great opportunity for the children to see how computers and technology have enhanced the world of photography and printing.

Onto the printers – and they certainly did not disappoint! The children compared the size of a normal home printer to our powerful and impressive industrial printers that are able to print massive images – even big enough to create printed wallpaper!

We then took a walk through the factory and the Gr R children were treated to a demonstration of how we stretch and frame our Canvas prints and mount our well loved Faceblocks

Lastly but certainly the most exciting part of the excursion, the children were asked to be honourary PrintWild team members and finish off a batch of VERY important Magna Tots. Using photos we had taken over a few days at their school, we made each child their very own photo magnet (affectionately called ‘Magna Tots) and they each added the final touch before heading home – sticking the magnet on the back! The looks on their faces were priceless and we overheard many excited ‘That’s a photo of ME’ while they enthusiastically put the finishing touches on their Magna Tots.

A few days later we were surprised with the sweetest Thank you note in the form of delightful pictures drawn by  some of the children who spent the morning with us. Thank you St Martin’s Pre-Primary for joining us for a fun morning at the PrintWild offices!