Pro-tip! How do I know what size to order my print?

Written By Bianca On 8 Mar 2019

Ordering the correct size print for your interior space can be daunting.

One of our most frequently asked question is

‘How do I know what size print to order?’

It can be hard to imagine how an image will look on your wall, so this little tip will help you visualize your print size before you place your order. This works well with all prints, including canvas prints and framed or mounted prints.


The first step is to choose the wall or shelf that you want your wall art to be featured on and get a feel for where it would have the most impact.

Next, grab some newspapers and scissors to create a ‘mock’ art piece with your newspapers. Depending on the size of the space you might need to cut your paper up to make it smaller or if you have more wall space, add some more newspaper to make your mock up bigger. 


Ordering the correct sized print

Stick the newspaper mock up on the wall and look at it from all angles of the room. Pay attention to how the print size fits in with the rest of the décor as well as how it compliments the functionality of the room.

This will give you a good idea of how your wall art will look on the wall and you might find that the size you initially had in mind just wouldn’t do your art justice.

If you are planning on ordering from our gallery products (like Faceblocks or Big 1’s) simply cut sheets to the print size, and arrange in whatever grid you feel would work for the space.

Once you are happy with the print size of your mock up, carefully measure the size of your newspaper and those will be the dimensions to use when ordering to ensure you are ordering the correct sized print.

When ordering your print, choose “custom size” and our system will tell you the price based on the print size you enter. 

To see pricing for all our products, you can use our Price List page to see custom pricing across all our products.

Now that you know the print size you want, placing your order online at is quick and easy, and then all you need to do is sit back and wait for the delivery of your stunning bespoke PrintWild print!