Using content aware to fill the sides of your canvas print.

Written By Paul On 18 Jan 2022

Our Canvas print side options have expanded!

Over the years we have provided many options for the sides of our Canvas prints.  We offer standard white (the most popular), black and even custom colors.

In the past in order to create seamless sides, we created a copy of the image data and then add a blur to the sides.  With new technologies available to us now we can create a computer generated side that really does look like an extension of the image.  This option is now available on all our stretched canvas print options.

This will not force a reduction of  your image to get the extra sides onto the sides.

Content Aware border

Below you can see with the white border option we add an extra 35 to 50mm on canvas print borders.  Using the content aware fill option the system looks at the image content and then generates the extra image data for the sides of the print.

White border

Making framing easier

This option for the sides is ideal when framing canvas prints.

If you would like to order  canvas prints with this option, choose the border option called ‘Seamless sides – Content aware’ and we will work our magic! This border option is available on both our standard canvas prints and premium canvas prints.

border options

For more information on how content aware fill works check out this article.

At Printwild your images are manually processed so if there is a result that looks undesirable we will always correct areas of the result to ensure the best possible print.

If you have any questions regarding this process please feel free to ask on our chat system or simply email us on