Faceblocks: Print Your Social Media Images

Written By Bianca Bouwmeeser Neumann On 24 Jul 2013

Update: since we launched the new site, you can easily connect to Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Dropbox and select your images directly within our upload window, printing your social media images on Faceblocks!

Calling all Social Media lovers… We are so proud to announce our brand new product, Faceblocks! Our prices are highly competitive at R45 for a professional print.

Your best photos have been taken with your phone, been shared on Facebook, or filtered and turned into art on Instagram. But they’re stuck on your phone or devices right? Now you can turn them into printed works of creative art for your home.

PrintWild lets you conveniently order your favourite social media pics as Faceblocks. Each Faceblock image is professionally cropped into 150mm x 150 mm squares and printed on high quality board, finished with a protective coating. They are delivered to your door, ready to mount onto your wall.

We recommend printing these products in batches, mounted next to each other. Create your own Faceblock photo wall at home with your awesome social media images, just like this:

This is the style that PrintWild recommends
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is interior_faceblocks-1.jpg
A collection of Instagram images turned in Faceblocks

 What will my products look like?

But how do I upload my image to PrintWild from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

  1. You can easily transfer photos from your phone to your computer using the USB device that your phone came with. Your computer treats your cellphone like a digital camera or file system.
  2. Find the file(s) you are looking for and copy the image to your computer, ready to load onto the PrintWild website.
  3. If you want to save your photo from Facebook, right click on the photo and Save Image As, like this:

4.  And upload to the PrintWild site. If you’re uploading a rectangular image, we will crop it for you.             Here’s what your page should look like:

Are you keen to get a free sample product? 
Tweet about it! Each person who follows us and tweets (or retweets) about this product will get a free voucher to the value of one Faceblock! This offer is valid until Monday, 29 July 2013.