How to Choose a Christmas Photo Gift

Written By Bianca Bouwmeeser Neumann On 28 Oct 2014

Turn your favourite images into Christmas photo gifts this year

A smell, a noise, an image; they all trigger feelings that are attached to a particular moment. This year we’ve been swamped with Christmas photo gift orders for bridal parties, birthdays, milestone events and even funerals. An image brings something to the party that no words can match.

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Christmas gift orders are already flooding in

We’ll deliver directly to your friends and family (remember to enter their address and details on your orders and not your own). Delivery is free to major centres for orders over R300 and your special gift will arrive ready to hang.

Free delivery to their door

Choosing a gift can be tricky; here are a few tips for choosing a visual memory gift:

  • Consider their home décor, a Silverback Acrylic would be wonderfully suited to a modern home and a Classic wooden frame for a more traditional setting, for example.
  • Image quality dictates what size you can print your artwork, if it’s a low quality image you could try a Faceblock or Big 1’s order and ask our pre-production team to work their magic! If it’s a high quality then your options are endless. Visit our price list page to see an overview of sizes and prices. The custom size calculator outputs custom prices instantly.
  • Consider what the image means to them, not to you. Choose something that’s special to them, a memory with a story attached is always a winner! – If you’ve chosen a fun happy snap then perhaps go for one of the more reasonable Budget Stretched Canvas or Mounted Prints, if it’s an investment piece which is likely to be up for years to come then select the Premium Stretched Canvas that has archival quality, an striking acrylic or a beautiful framed image.
  • If your loved one is a photographer themselves, then a gift voucher will allow them to choose their very own favourite shot and print it themselves, in the finish that they prefer. Order gift vouchers here and we’ll email the voucher to them, or to you if you’d prefer to include with another of your gifts (specify the correct email address when ordering).

An image touches the heart and stays with you long after the gift wrapping has been recycled.

Enjoy choosing meaningful gifts for your family and friends this Christmas. Start your order here.