How To Make a Mosaic Photo Collage

Written By Bianca Bouwmeeser Neumann On 24 Jul 2015

Create one quick photo project with all your images. 

We tested these mosaic collage options and loved the results, it’s a great way to pull all your Facebook or mobile phone images into one talking point artwork for your home or office.

Step 1: Choosing images
If you want to source images from Facebook only:

Go straight to
Choose a suitable head and shoulders image from your Facebook image selection as your base image (The one you will see when you step back from the image).
Easy Moza will interface with Facebook and harvest all your images to make up the collage, go through these images and remove the ones you don’t want.

If you want to include Facebook, mobile and desktop images in the collage:

You can do this by first downloading your entire Facebook image collection, then adding images from other sources. How you do this is best described here. This downloads all images from Facebook, so you’ll still need to locate your images. Ours was 15 Megs but depends on how may images you have.

You’ll need to know what folder your favourite images are in. The downloaded images are in an array of folders, we just moved them all to one folder, removed duplicates and images that we didn’t want, like images of your best friend who ended up cheating on your girlfriend 🙂 You don’t want him in the collage!

Step 2: Creating the collage

If you’re uploading your images manually (and you didn’t use the direct from Facebook upload option) then you’ll need to start with choosing an image you know is going to work well as your base Mozaic (the final image the collage makes up). They say a nice head and shoulders image seems to work best. We preffered finding the image that we liked, saving it to a hard drive and then uploading it from file.

We didn’t choose the option to source the collage images from Facebook, we preffered to do this manually. This takes some time and then you get all the images that are to be included in the mosaic collage on the website interface. Here you must knock out ones that you don’t want to include.

Then let the software do it’s magic, creating your collage image for you.

Step 3: Buying the high res file

You now want to buy the XXL image at $9.95 USD which is going to cost you about R123.00 with the current exchange rate.

Step 4: Print your image

Now that you have the high res image you have to place your order at PrintWild. The compiled image is going to look like this:

Young Lady Mosaic Photo Collage

A mosaic photo collage

Choose a PrintWild product, we like the Contemporary frame with matt art paper or a Framed Canvas prints.
Go as big as you can so that you can see each image that makes up the collage as best as possible.

As an example for the one we did the biggest we could go on a White Contemporary Frame was 850mm x 1133mm which gave us this sort of viewing resolution:

Framed Canvas print (1500mm x 2000mm) the image viewing at print

If we went for the largest Framed Canvas print (1500mm x 2000mm) the image viewing at print would be:

 Mosaic Photo Collage

This is the best way to take your collected memories across Facebook, your phone, hard drives and mobile phones and print one quick and easy image from them this weekend.

Have fun!