Improved Laminating Film For Acrylic Prints

Written By Paul On 27 May 2011

We have introduced a new improved laminant film which improves the quality of your acrylic print, giving it a increased clarity in laminating prints.

Acrylic prints are also known as perspex prints. They have a very contemporary high-gloss, modern finish that is perfect for home and office interior decorating.
Our high quality prints are back mounted to a clear piece of 8mm acrylic and are raised off the wall with 15mm wall mounts and are ready to hang.

At no additional charge, we can convert your image into a stunning black & white print or sepia print. Just select the appropriate option from the “Colour options” dropdown when you place your order.

Please note that acrylic prints should not be cleaned with any solvents. Soapy water or Windolene are the ideal products to use on these laminate prints.