Making those memorable images remembered

Written By Paul On 26 Jul 2010

The digital era has given us such fantastic opportunity to really fine tune our photography and get far better images than ever before. With the film vs digital quality race being over the only real shortfall is that we are simply not printing our images anymore and making print memories. Digital photo frames and home entertainment systems are helping cross that bridge but in reality I think we are not really enjoying that fantastic technology that we have invested in with our cameras.

This is one of the main reasons we started PrintWild, we believe that people want to decorate their homes and offices with images that are relevant to them. Our product range is suited to any image size. The canvas product is exceptionally forgiving and allows us the increase the size of an image and still achieve fantastic results. Remember that we will always call you should we feel that the image quality is a concern before we go to print.

With new generation digital cameras that are shooting at 12 mega pixels and above, our fine art paper and high quality paper mounted prints show stunning detail. The printer has also been perfectly profiled to achieve the best results.

So now that you have all this great technology in your camera you may as well use it by going to and turn – Your favourite image into a work of art through print memories.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions regarding the quality and process of PrintWild product.