Office Aesthetics 101

Written By Bianca On 21 Oct 2018

Have you ever walked into an office or business space and the décor and feel of the room left you feeling despondent, uneasy and reluctant to spend money there?

I’m betting your answer is yes. Even on a subconscious level, we are all more likely to spend money or time in a place that evokes good emotions within us. It makes sense then that your office should be a place where people want to be. A place where they can feel at ease, uplifted and inspired.

There are a few easy steps to follow that will help you create an environment that is conducive to productivity and success.



The type of artwork that is displayed in an office or work space has a major influence on the overall feeling of the room and therefore productivity. Art work is a great way to tell your story and reflect who you are as a business. Are you a contemporary brand with innovative ideas? Acrylic or Glacier prints would work well in this space, while Canvas prints or Framed art work would look better in a more traditional or homely office. How you want to be seen and known impacts the colours, designs and products that you choose for your office décor wall art.

When choosing art work for your office, keep in mind that the art should sync with your company’s work and reflect its style and personality. Office décor art work can also portray your type of business or its goal so choose pieces that will evoke the right emotion in your customers. Medical offices should have serene scenery to create comfort or calming soft colours while an edgy advertising agency would benefit more from bold, contemporary art that inspires creativity and confidence.


Natural Lighting and Space

Although this all depends on the nature of the business, natural light should be utilized as much as possible. An airy and light feel in the work place also allows for more creativity and a sense of calm and modern professionalism.  Natural lighting also brings aesthetic advantages to your workplace so throw out the old dreary blinds and let the sunshine in!

For spaces that lack natural light, using bright, uplifting artwork and good lighting gives a feeling of openness and space, and can transform a dull, stuffy room into a productive and enticing work space.

Small spaces can be difficult to decorate, however thinking out of the box often leads to interesting and quirky areas which are often neglected. Our Faceblocks or Big 1’s are a great option for adding a pop of colour and interest and because you can add to and swap these around, your art work can grow and change with you as a business.


Touches of Green

Everyone knows that happy employees mean happy customers. Psychologists have found that bringing greenery into the workplace can decrease stress and increase productivity by up to 15 percent.  There have also been tests done that show that having plants in the workplace helps decrease illnesses among staff and creates a warmer and more welcoming environment for customers.

It is important to remember that not all plants will thrive in an office, so try to stick to the ones who will enjoy the indoors.

Place some carefully chosen potted plants around the office and watch your business flourish!

Success will not come tomorrow unless you start today so have a look around your office or work space with new eyes and see where you can use these tips to rejuvenate and improve your environment to make it feel more like the success you want to achieve with office décor.