PrintWild Care Amidst COVID-19

Written By Bianca On 20 Mar 2020

By now there is no chance that you haven’t heard about the COVID-19 pandemic that we are currently facing as a global community. It is all over the news, social media and is the topic of all conversations. 

As life slows down and people are encouraged to limit their social interactions, we are seeing more and more people turning to online shopping. As a largely online company, we take the responsibility to ensure we send out safe products very seriously and while we have always adheared to strict hygiene rules, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic we are taking extra precautions to give you absolute peace of mind when ordering from us.

Our team has been trained and instructed to follow certain sanitation and risk mitigation measures and gloves, washing hands, sanitizer and wiping down every print and order is on our list of ‘MUST DO’s’. We are pleased to say that they have been absolutely phenomenal with making sure that they follow these guidelines at all times.

PrintWild team member spraying sanitizer onto a cloth
PrintWild team member sanitizing an order of Magna tots

Each step of the way, your prints will be handled with ‘gloved care’ and wiped down with appropriate cleansers and sanitizers. Whether you are ordering Canvas printsFaceblocksAcrylic and Framed prints or any other PrintWild product, we have a sanitizing solution which is unique to each product and will product both you and the print.

PrintWild worker wiping an Acrylic Print with sanitizer
PrintWild worker wiping down a packaged order with sanitizer

 On top of this, our couriers have reached out to us and assured us that they have a comprehensive strategy in place and will be handling all packages within strict guidelines, similar to ours. Working together, we will print, manufacture and deliver your order and the only thing that will be transmitted is our usual ‘PrintWild delight’ .

Happy Printwild worker showing a thumbs up

The PrintWild team