PrintWild’s updated its status… with a slick new site

Written By Bianca Bouwmeeser Neumann On 4 Oct 2013

Pssst we’ve got a secret we’d like to share with you… PrintWild’s amazing team of designers and developers at WildWeb have been burning the midnight oil working on the new, improved, ultra-sexy website. It’s fresh, modern and has a ton of new and fun features. And today we’d like to share it with you, our most valued customers.

When the first PrintWild was built back in 2007, the internet was a very different place.  Facebook hadn’t really gained traction in South Africa, and Kulula had just launched their infamous lime site. Bright green was in vogue, and boy did we jump on that bandwagon!  But it worked, and people loved it.  We were the first fully online printing store in South Africa and that broke tremendous ground – our first customers loved the concept: an easy to use online company with great customer service, and the most incredible top-quality products.

As we grew, so did our passion for quality.  Our products are world-class, and our customers don’t mind telling us so. So we decided at the beginning of 2013 that our site needed to catch up and sing the same song.  Not just a fresh coat of paint, but an intelligent upgrade that showcases our personality, shows off our wonderful products, and makes ordering online simpler and faster.  And we’re opening it up for beta, with a goal to go live in a week or two.

Here are some of the features we’ve been working hard to bring to you:

  1. Rock solid new image upload system.  It’s robust, reliable and handles giant file uploads with ease. 
  2. We’re social.  Nowadays a lot of people have their photos online already, so we’ve integrated with the world’s top sites.  You can now select photos directly from your Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Dropbox accounts.  It’s a massive undertaking that’s going to make ordering your favourite images easier than ever.
  3. Multiple images.  Upload or select as many images as you want, and we’ll batch upload them.  Each order will default to the last item you’ve created so you don’t have to re-choose each product if you’re ordering a series of Faceblocks for example.
  4. It’s mobile… well almost.  We’re now fully iPad compatible, so you can select images from your camera roll with the tap of a finger.  Plus we’ll be rolling out to all mobile phones in the next few weeks.

So give us a try!  Here’s the new PrintWild website link:

And if you have any feedback, please let us know by tweeting @jonobobo or emailing him at This web genius is on the lookout for bugs, so if you find any, send them his way.

Kind regards,
The PrintWild Team