Restoring old photos with PrintWild

Written By Bianca On 23 Sep 2021

There is something so unique and special about old photos. Not the ‘old’ photos from 10 years ago, but the really OLD photos that give us a glimpse into life before we were born. A time when our parents or grandparents were living their lives in a time before snap chat, social media and cellphones!

Every family has a box of them. Maybe even some photo albums that have been passed down through generations. So often they remain hidden in a drawer, only brought out every few years but when we see them, they bring us joy.

Our challenge to you this Heritage Month, is to dig up those old, forgotten photos and go through them. Really go through them and then choose your favourite ones. The next step of the challenge is where we come in.

Did you know that we have a real passion for bring old photos back to life? We work meticulously and carefully to restore the images with corrective colour and specialist editing which always keeps the integrity of the image, but makes it printable and able to be displayed with pride in modern homes.

There are 3  ways of getting the images to us.

  1. Send us your old negatives, slides or photographs. We will scan them for a small scanning and touch-up fee of R92 per scan
  2. Take a photo of the old photo with your phone.
  3. Use a photo scanning app to scan the photo yourself

Top tips for taking pics of old photos to print

  • Make sure there are no harsh shadows across your photograph
  • There should be good, bright light but it is vital that there is no direct sunlight
  • Do not use a flash as this will reflect on your photo
  • Make sure you shoot using your highest resolution (switch live view off)

Once we have the images that you would like to have restored, our expert team of editors and printers will prep the images with professional touch-ups and make sure that they will print perfectly for the product you have chosen.

When choosing which product to print the images as, we have some suggestions, however any of our PrintWild products can be used.

Our top 3 product choices for printing old photographs are:

  1. Classic Photo Frame
  2. Framed Canvas Print
  3. Contemporary Photo Frame

Whichever product you opt for, your old photos will be in safe hands and you are guaranteed to love the finished product!