The Right Media for my Large Format Print?

Written By Paul On 6 Sep 2010

With most of our products you have a choice between printing on canvas or on photo paper. Normally, when you increase the size of an image beyond the pixel dimensions of the camera, you end up with pixel break-up. However, one of the main reasons why printing on canvas is delivering such fantastic results is that when you print on canvas, the texture of the canvas has a sharpening effect similar to that of a cross hatch filter in Photoshop. What’s the right media for your large format print?

The images below show what happens to an image when it is stretched beyond its existing pixels.

If you are trying to make up your mind about the format of your next canvas prints order, you should consider the quality of the image: if you are using a high resolution image, printing on photo paper and going large will be successful. If you are shooting on a 6 megapixel camera and want to print large sizes, choose our canvas options and you will not be disappointed. Remember, the great thing about using PrintWild ( is that we will always check the quality of your image before going to print; if we feel that the quality of the print is going to be compromised, we will phone you to discuss the options for the optimum result. – your choice when it comes to canvas printing