The Most Memorable Experience of My Life: Michaela’s Story

Written By Bianca Bouwmeeser Neumann On 13 Mar 2015

We see a diverse collection of images flying through our online ordering system every day, but every now and then an image makes us stop. We stop and wonder what the story is behind it. For the first time since we started this blog, we’ve decided that we’d like to share some of these stories with you, some images are too special to keep all to ourselves – like Lucky, the three legged cheetah.

With Michaela’s permission, here’s the image that made us stop, look up and chat amongst ourselves.

Three years ago Michaela visited Naankuse, a wildlife rehabilitation centre close to Windhoek, Namibia. This is also the home of Lucky, the three-legged cheetah that starred in that great VW Golf TV commercial.  After a month of daily walks with caracals, leopard cubs, baboons, lions and wild dogs, it was time to come back to reality. Michaela’s been wanting to print an image from, ‘the most memorable experience of my life,” for a long time and did just that when she came across our, ‘nice website.’ Boy are we glad she did, this is an image and memory that deserved to be kept alive, a printed part of her story on display for others and a daily reminder of the time she spent at Naankuse.

These tiny orphan baboon babies were her favourite as they need a lot of human interaction and crave attention, they try and suckle your fingers or any part of you hoping for some milk. Michaela says, “if you offered them a kiss they would give you a nice sloppy one.”

Aaah, who doesn’t need a sloppy kiss from a baby baboon? Read more about the great work Naankuse does here, they rely solely on the generous time of volunteers and donations to continue their vital work to help the people and animals of Namibia.

Thank you Michaela for allowing us to share the story behind the photo.