Using Colour Effectively In Your Decor

Written By On 23 February 2022

When it comes to using colour in décor, your choices are more important than you might think…

Colour plays an instrumental role in our lives as it dictates the way in which we perceive the world around us. Effectively using colour in your décor choices help to create the mood and desired feel of the room.

Did you know that the colours around you may have a large effect on your psyche and mental health? Designers and homeowners need to utilize it wisely in order to create an appropriate atmosphere in a given space.

In general, these colours create the following psyche effects in the home:


This bold colour signifies passion, strength and warmth and can stimulate excitement in your home. If you want to create a bold, striking effect in your home and create a strong, warm look and feel – we recommend painting one wall red in your lounge or dining area. This one wall can act as a focal point for your wall art and our Contemporary black and White frames would compliment the striking red paint.


If you love the colour red and its bold striking effect but are not too fond of using it as a décor colour, then orange is a lovely alternative. The colour orange can create feelings of energy, fun and excitement. It would work well as a colour scheme for a children’s room, office or lounge. A burnt orange wall in your office may help keep you focused and lively throughout your work day. Alternatively, a large Canvas print filled with colours of orange such as a sunset, may also do the job.


Yellow is the colour of wisdom, prosperity and sympathy. A room filled with yellow elements such as wall art, can provide the room with a cheerful and friendly look and feel. 

colour in décor


The colour blue is one of the most studied colours in interior design. It can have a profound impact on psyche and human emotions. Blue is commonly chosen as the main colour for bedrooms as it depicts a sense of serenity and peace. For this reason, many spas and bathrooms also make use of blue as it provides the room with tranquility and calmness.

using colour in décor


Did you know that green not only represents nature but also hope, good luck and abundance. It is a very diverse colour which mixes well with other colours, especially white. Our Acrylic/Perspex prints work perfectly to give you the high gloss feel and really make the green pop.


Known as the colour of royalty, purple pairs perfectly with mild tones like beige and pink. This colour is ideal for most rooms in a home or office. It can be used to provide a happy, yet dramatic look and feel. Square photos and artwork provide a modern look and the natural timber sides of our Big 1’s and Faceblocks work really well when creating a gallery wall.


This is the most commonly used colour in interior design. It is perfect colour for aiding one achieve a minimalist look and feel. The colour white represents youthfulness, innocence and faith and can be paired with any colour. In the case of a dark room, a contemporary white frame with a beautiful bright image can aid in providing the room with some liveliness and brightness.

neutral colour in décor

Regardless of what colours you choose in your decor, our team at PrintWild are ready  to print your chosen photos or images on the highest quality materials and deliver them to your door, anywhere in South Africa!

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