4 Essential Wall Art Tips

Written By Bianca On 28 Aug 2018

Wall art tips for Framed and Canvas prints

So you’ve just finished redecorating your living room with a fresh coat of paint and new furniture, but something is missing? Wall art is to a room what lipstick is to an outfit: It’s the finishing touch that adds that important dash of personality and uniqueness. There’s no better place than the walls to infuse a bit of your personality into a room and the opportunities for creativity and experimentation are endless. The best part about wall art is that it can evolve and change over time! You can switch it up, and play around with size, scale, color and placement until you find a look that works for you and your home. Read these wall art tips!


Buy Wall Art That You Love

The wall art around your home is a personal choice and it should reflect that. You should purchase wall art that resonates with who you are as a person. Whether the wall art in your home reflects pictures of your family and friends, still art, abstract images or even photographs of your favourite hobbies and animals.


Mix Styles

Not sure which style suits your home? Time to mix things up. This is the perfect way to style your interior space according to your favourite decor styles and trends. Be incongruous and mix modern art with more traditional furnishings and décor, such as floral wallpaper paired with Contemporary White Frames.


Experiment With Shapes And Sizes

Not all wall art needs to be one size and repeated on a wall. It can often be difficult to choose the size of your wall art as well as the placement and mounting. Experimenting with a gallery wall of different shapes and sizes can be an exciting way to make your wall art more impactful and decorative. FaceblocksFrames and Canvas prints are perfect for creating beautiful gallery walls.


Choose An Artist

An easy and exciting way to choose wall art is to find an artist whose work you enjoy. Choose a photographer whose images resonate with you and keep up to date with their latest works. This saves you the hassle of choosing and finding your style of wall art and enables you to support a local artist in your area. Browse our range of talented photographers on The Digital Gallery and give your interior space an artistic look and feel.

Decorating your interior space with wall art which suits your personality and looks good can be difficult. However, by following the above wall art tips, you can successfully establish a set style for your home/office that looks good and suits you as an individual.