We’re Improving Our Products

Written By Bianca On 24 May 2018

We’ve made a few changes to our manufacturing process for our Tiny Tots and our Acrylic Prints. After receiving a few suggestions and advice from our customers about our PrintWild products and printing methods, as always, we have taken these suggestions seriously and decided to make a few changes to our production process in order to ensure that you as the customer receive the highest quality possible.

Acrylic Prints

Originally, our Acrylic prints were printed onto high quality Epson Gloss Paper then face mounted onto 6mm Perspex with imported, optically clear laminating film. We then brought in a Flatbed printer and changed our printing method to allow for us to reverse print directly onto the perspex and then adhere a white vinyl to seal the print. This unfortunately didn’t work out as well as we had hoped as the quality didn’t quite match up to the original method which many of you loved. So, we have listened, taken notes and have chosen to go back to our trusty old method as we take our customers’ opinions very seriously.

Tiny Tots

When we first launched our Tiny Tots PrintWild product range, we produced our Tiny Tots as 7x7cm squares, professionally cropped and printed onto white plexiglass, which gave them a beautiful glossy finish. However, we found that the quality of the Tiny Tots was not up to our standards when we received order for group photos or images where the objects were smaller in the foreground. In order to combat this issue, we have changed the way in which we produce the Tiny Tots.  We now face mount photographic prints in 7x7cm squares as these are far superior in quality. We have always tried to choose quality over price whilst remaining very competitive- we believe the new high gloss Tiny Tots are testament to that.

We hope that our loyal customers are happy with the changes we have made in order to keep our quality standards high and provide you with the best possible value for your money. If you would like to provide us with your suggestions or opinions on these products, or any other PrintWild products, please feel free to email info@printwild.co.za.