5 Tips For Building A Killer Instagram

Written By Bianca Bouwmeeser Neumann On 15 Feb 2018

Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms in the world and boasts over 800 million users. Daily, this visual giant is browsed by over 500 million people who routinely check their Instagram feed for images of interest. This makes Instagram the perfect platform for new and experienced photography enthusiasts looking to gain exposure and build their presence online. However, Instagram’s enormous user-base also renders it a highly saturated ecosystem with people competing for attention in a crowded space. Therefore, in order to build a successful Instagram presence, photographers need to tread mindfully and establish a unique band for themselves in order to acquire market share. Follow the below Instagram tips to win at brand-building with your Instagram posts:

1. Write A Unique Bio

The first step in your journey towards a successful Instagram account is creating a unique bio which resonates with people. A great example of this would be photographer and Instagram legend, Gareth Pon. His Instagram bio reflects the three major components of an attention grabbing bio, namely: humour, personality and distinctiveness. He tells us exactly who he is and adds that he hides a rocket ship in each of his photos – a distinctive quirk which resonates with his followers. Ensure that your Bio tells a story about who you are, the type of work that you are best-known for and include a link to your website.

2. Use The Right Hashtags

Your main goals on Instagram should be to engage your audience and attract new, relevant followers. Posting regular photos will achieve the first goal however, in order to achieve the latter goal, you will need to establish a set of hashtags in order to grow your following. Hashtagging your photos will drive traffic to your Instagram posts as hashtags make it easier for people to find your photos by searching for specific terms. Start by hashtagging popular words, whilst still ensuring that these terms relate to your brand and images as this will enable you to net long-term followers who have a genuine interest in your photographs.

3. Establish A Tone and Voice

Your post descriptions and instagram stories should reflect your personality by portraying a distinct tone and voice. Stern, authoritative, cool, punny, sarcastic – you need to adopt a distinct style for your brand. This will not only ensure that your instagram posts are interesting, but it will also make your brand more recognizable and unique.

4. Get Innovative

Creativity is key to growing your following on instagram and ensuring that those followers remain as long-term followers who engage with your brand on a consistent basis. There are a multitude of creative ways to promote your brand on instagram, start by making use of catchy designs, instagram stories and boomerang posts. Give your followers something useful in each of your posts, whether it be humour or a thought provoking image or even a peek behind the scenes at one of your shoots. Tell your followers about your favourite places to shoot and present this information in an attractive, fun and eye-catching post or story using gifs and videos. Another great way to spread brand awareness and engage with your followers is to run small competitions where you would ask your followers to perform an action in order to win a prize.

5. Be Consistent

Consistency is crucial in developing and growing your personal brand on Instagram. By adopting a clear and steady style on in all aspects of your account, your followers will start to recognize your brand amongst all the other content in their newsfeed. This will ultimately help your brand in the long-term and it is therefore highly important that you stick to a set content plan, post regularly, use consistent hashtags and create a steady narrative in order to ensure that each of your posts are easily recognisable.

Instagram is an essential tool for any photographer, whether you are starting out or have an established brand. Whilst this social platform offers a plethora of ways for photographers to create their own digital space, it is crucial to remain unique and consistent amongst such a large crowd of users. By following the pointers above, photography enthusiasts and professionals alike can build a narrative that is unique to their brand in order to acquire new followers and engage with existing followers.