Turn Your House Into A Home With Wall Art Prints

Written By Bianca On 15 Mar 2018

Wall art prints can be an inexpensive way to enhance the interior of your home by providing each room with an ambiance that best suits the personality of you and your family. We’ve gathered some helpful tips and modern trends to help you choose the best prints to give your walls some life and emotion.


Add A Of Splash Colour To Enliven Your Space

Sometimes your home’s decor can start to feel dull and tired. Perhaps you’re overusing certain colours to try and achieve a minimalist feel? Or maybe certain rooms are in dire need of a decor revitalisation but your budget just isn’t suited to repainting the walls or purchasing new furniture. Adding a bold and colourful wall art piece to an otherwise dull space can be easy on the pocket and make the world of difference. Try coupling a large colourful canvas prints with some matching cushions or vases to achieve an inexpensive new look and feel.


Make Use Of Fond Memories For Added Charm

Photographs of fond memories can help provide your home with a sense of life and happiness. These are also excellent conversation starters and are perfect for entrance halls or foyers as well as passages around your home. Try gathering some photographs of family holidays or past events with friends and family and get creative with the use of wall art prints. Our Faceblocks and our Magna Tots are the perfect size for these cherished memories which can help enhance the character and personality of your home.


Achieve A Minimalist Feel With Abstract Art

Loving minimalism doesn’t always have to mean blank walls and metal furniture. Avoid an icy, unadorned interior by making use of a beautiful, large canvas print filled with an edgy, abstract design wall art print. An energetic and funky canvas would be the best way to transform a grim room interior into an upbeat and exciting place to call home. A black and white Mounted Photo Print or Premium Stretched Canvas with a small splash of colour could be the ideal choice to enhance your minimalist interior.


Utilize Still Art To Create A Sense Of Healthy Living

A kitchen can be an awkward room to decorate, particularly if you have a large kitchen with lots of empty wall space. Do you use family photographs to fill the space? Well, the kitchen is for celebrating food, which is exactly what you should do with that large, unadorned wall space. Kiwis, apples and strawberries look gorgeous when they are shimmering, enhanced and enlarged on a beautiful Acrylic Print. Our Silverback Acrylic Prints help give the image a textured, glossy effect which is perfect for still photographs like fruit and vegetables.


Create A Whimsical Nursery

Decorating a new nursery can be a fun and exciting task for prospective parents and wall art can be an inexpensive way to give your nursery a sense of happiness, soft colours and energy. Ensure that your nursery is full of magic by making use of cartoons and fun watercolour images similar to that of story books.


Brighten A Dark Room

Many tenants do not have the ability to knock down a wall to let in some extra light. Nor can they repaint a wall that is painted in a dark colour. Choose a bright image such as a floral design or a photograph of colourful houses in a quaint European setting to give a dark room a lovely sense of brightness and colour. Our Standard Stretched canvas is ideal for this and is super easy on the pocket too!

Transform your house into an upbeat and exciting place to call home without breaking the bank with wall art prints. We specialise in a range of products to help suit a variety of decor needs. From providing your home with character and personality to helping achieve a sense of brightness and light, wall art prints can solve an array of decor problems and we’re here to help.