Celebrate your toddler’s first year at school

Written By On 18 January 2017

Mums and dads, you know the feeling we’re talking about: the tummy-twisting, heartwarming yet gut-wrenching moment you let go of your toddlers’ hands and they walk into their very first classroom to meet their new friends and begin their path to their own success in their first school year.

You know you couldn’t resist clicking away all morning: their first time in uniform, sitting at the breakfast table, standing next to their siblings – you’ve got a whole picture album on your phone before they’ve even finished their first day of the school year. Why not turn that into something even more special across the year of 2017?

Why not use canvas prints to create a gallery wall of your child’s best moments throughout the year? This is a cost effective, yet striking way to display a happy and successful year.

Our Standard PhotoBoxes and Mini Photoboxes are fantastic presents for your toddlers’ pre-school graduation at the end of the year. Start early by using your little ones’ first day picture as a custom cover on the PhotoBox and fill it with prints from the special moments you captured:

  • First day with a schoolbag and lunch box
  • First time using a phys. ed. kit
  • First craft project
  • First drawing
  • First written words
  • First sports day
  • First choir recital
  • First swimming lesson
  • First team sport picture
  • First time on the jungle gym
  • First tooth to fall out
  • First time riding a ‘big’ bike

There are so many moments you’re going to experience this year, and they will each be the best moment of your life all over again. By the end of this year, you’ll have enough unique moments to fill your toddler’s first PhotoBox with 50 prints that they can cherish as they grow up.

Why not use canvas prints to create a gallery wall of your child’s best moments throughout the year? This is a cost effective, yet striking way to display a happy and successful first school year.

Change the way you create family keepsakes: go wild. Printwild.

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Eleanor Hattingh
Eleanor Hattingh
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Charlie W
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Judy MacGregor
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Cheney King
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Stu Moffat
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Michele Leite
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Derek Evens
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Barry Bowditch
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