Online storage & file sharing: Printwild’s way of working

Written By Paul Changion Senior On 15 Jan 2017

It’s pretty clear that whether we’re stuffing the garage cupboards with old bulky photo albums, or transferring our smartphone images to our laptops and external hard drives, we all have a problem with staying organised and the digital age has enveloped us in an eternal fear that our online photo storage of data could be wiped out in an instant.

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For these reasons, we choose online storage. Basic items like your own external HDD or antivirus back-up programme work great but the real winners are DropBox, Google Drive and OneDrive. Other popular platforms include Image Shack, Picasa (which is now accessible through Google Photos), and social media platforms which allow users to create archives that never have to be deleted. 

So why, then, does our team prefer DropBox and Google Drive? Because they’re integrated with other online storage functions, not just image back-up. DropBox Paper, Google Documents, Maps, alerts and so much more can be integrated and individually shared with whoever you like, making digital projects and remote work so much easier and far more cost-effective. With virtually no limit on the file sizes we can share and receive, the opportunities are endless and we can create the best quality large-format prints with ease!

If you have yet to try it out or you’re scared that you’ll share an image with the wrong people, there are user-friendly help guides for just about all of the online file sharing and storage programmes. Test it out the next time you order a large canvas prints with Printwild – if you can’t send your file in by email, use DropBox to upload and send us the link. 

The PrintWild team