Goal #003: Clean out the garage!

Written By Bianca On 24 Jan 2017

This is most likely the holy grail of all goals and resolutions: spring cleaning. Everybody’s guilty of showing a little too much sentiment from time to time, keeping items we just don’t need or use. Worse yet is when we don’t have the time to take anything down to the recycling drop-off because work stress is so much more intense than what it used to be!

We’re even guilty of committing the same offences in the digital world. Don’t think we don’t know about the tons of photos you have backed up on all those hard drives. The only quick solution to avoiding clutter is to organise as you go and be genuinely mindful of whether you really need something or not.

Although for some of us it can be daunting to even think of spring cleaning and parting ways with our boxes of antique heirlooms that don’t work anymore (clocks, radios, old cellphones that no corner store holds parts for), it also feels quite liberating to let go of items that don’t even matter enough to make a regular appearance in today’s undeniably busy life.

To savour your best moments while reducing the amount of space they take up, Printwild offers you the chance to buckle down and achieve your goal of cleaning up the garage. Our standard and mini PhotoBox both let you scrap the old bulky photo albums and smooth it all down with an ultra-modern finish.

Not only will you thank us for the reduction of clutter, but you’ll also get to personalise the cover of every PhotoBox, easily letting you categorise your photos by event, year, holiday destinations, people and more. 50 prints per PhotoBox – not too little, not too many: just the right amount! Share your PhotoBox pics on Instagram & tag Printwildyou could win another with 25 prints to kickstart you on a more organised 2017.