How about a year-end resolution?

Written By Bianca Bouwmeeser Neumann On 23 Dec 2016

Browsing through our Facebook news feeds, we’re starting to see the resolutions coming through for the year ahead: a topic that stirs debate at times and often gets long forgotten by as early as April of every year! So when we saw Elizabeth posting up her ‘year-end resolution‘, it really got us thinking: with only a few days left before we say goodbye to 2016, what would you like to do differently?

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Picture courtesy of Steve Miller Photography & Creative Angels Fashion Benefit

Elizabeth Nicholas is a Fashion Designer, based in Cape Town, and she let us share her resolution – how cool is that?!

1. Accept the past – personally, I know my dad always says ‘I can’t change the past’, and it’s so frustrating sometimes but it’s also very true. Yesterday’s history and we can learn to do and be better, but we can’t go back in time.

2. Embrace special moments and learn from those who hurt you – we’ve seen so many incidents of negativity unfurl across the world in 2016. It’s tough but sometimes exactly what we need, to concentrate on the good times and grow wiser before taking the next step.

3. Take care of yourself¬†– we totally agree! Feeding your soul and grabbing happiness is crucial in life. Elizabeth’s favourite saying is that one can’t pour from an empty cup (Tarynne West).

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As seen on Pinterest

4. Never look back to ponder ‘what if’ but rather look at how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved – as a year-end resolution we believe this is a fantastic reminder, so do it right now. Think back to something you did this year: maybe you completed that renovation that took months, or you finally completed your family or office photo wall we want to know what you’ve accomplished and we want to celebrate with you! Enter our holiday photo competition with anything you’ve done, small or big, and you could win an A4 Bamboo Box frame – just like that!

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Printwild client: Chanelle Botha

5. Love unconditionally, but respect yourself enough to walk away if treated poorly – this is a valuable piece of wisdom from Elizabeth. So many of us stay in one place, trying to rationalise that it is what’s best. Break away from the bad vibes before 2016 ends and wipe your slate clean so you can fill it with better things next year.

6. Forgive moments, but don’t forget lessons

Whoa, how insightful was that?! Thanks Elizabeth and thank YOU, our loyal Printwild supporters. Without you all, this year would not have been as successful as it was, and we certainly would not have had the chance to bring in better equipment to keep the ball rolling. On to bigger and better, so let’s go out and make the last few days countdon’t forget to enter your 2016 accomplishments into the holiday photo competition, unless of course you don’t really care about winning an AWESOME A4 Bamboo Box Frame!