Holiday photography: what should we be doing?

Written By Bianca Bouwmeeser Neumann On 21 Dec 2016

We’ve put our heads together to give you these simple yet golden tips for getting perfect holiday photos. Why not try them out and enter your favourites into our Facebook holiday photo competition – you could win an A2 PrintWild canvas prints.

1. Impressed by your hotel room or holiday cottage? Photograph it in the evening with the lights on. This will help eliminate glare coming through the windows and give the space a beautiful inviting glow.

2. Don’t shoot into light. Turn your back to the sun or whichever source of light is near you to reduce glare and improve your image quality.

3. Keep your hands steady! We know you can’t drag your tripod everywhere with you so when you’re too excited to stay still, balance your elbows on bridge railings, tables or lean against a wall and keep your phone or camera straight to get a clear image.

4. Selfie sticks are handy – if you’re not sure whether to trust a bypasser to take a picture of you and your party, these work perfectly. Take advantage of great backgrounds and unusual angles, have fun!

5. Don’t overthink it! While it’s great to compose everything down to the last strand of hair on someone’s face, remember that it’s your holiday. You’ve worked so hard and it’s time to let go and have fun – some of the best pictures are the candid unscripted ones.

So, now you know! Don’t forget to enter the holiday photo competition where you could win an A2 canvas print! We’re loving the entries so far so keep it coming and we’ll see you on the other side of your well-deserved vacation.