How to Turn Photos into Wall Art

Written By Paul On 23 Mar 2022

Turn your photos into wall art using Canvas prints and more!

PrintWild converts walls in your home into a gallery of your life’s precious moments, unique only to you and your family. No one else’s home will ever look like yours.

PrintWild will enlarge and frame your cell phone images, creating masterpieces to decorate the walls of your home. Simply go to and place your order.

You have a cellphone full of images, all taken during moments you have wanted to cherish – but that’s where they stay, and they shouldn’t! You should select images and have them printed and framed, these should be on your walls, not only decorating but creating conversation pieces among your family and friends.

The technology inside our phones and the quality of the images allows us to now enlarge these images very effectively. However one must remember to upload images that are taken by the phone. When images are sent across social media and WhatsApp the files are compressed and are not the same quality and hence it is imperative that you upload the original image from the device.

If you need an image from a friend’s phone be sure to ask them to send you the original file via email or

Recently, a friend visited the Northern Cape, she and her husband had a wonderful time. While showing me the photographs of their trip on her phone, I suggested we enlarge one for her. We ended up enlarging two and everybody who walks into their sitting room comments on the quality.

Using our site on your mobile devise you can upload and order your wall art at