Our Top 3 Ways to Print Instagram Photos

Written By Megan Lewis On 25 Mar 2022

Social media exists to help us visually document our lives, so it makes sense that we would want to print Instagram photos every now and then to have some of those happy moments scattered through our homes and offices.

Hand holding phone with front screen picture of woman holding camera to face

Take a moment to flip over to your Instagram account (we’ll wait…). It’s a beautiful, colourful collection of joyful moments in your life, right? Like snapshots from special events, local road trips and holidays overseas, the kids pulling silly faces, and easy weekends spent with your family and friends. Being able to print Instagram photos means you get to enjoy these memories even when you’re not on your phone. And, if you give them as a gift, the special people in your life get to have that too.

Want to find out how best to print Instagram photos? These are our top three ways that will give you the creative flexibility to mix and match your priceless social media pictures in home and office spaces.

Acrylic squares

You can bring back what today seems like an old-school way of displaying photos, with a modern twist. Showcase your Instagram feed by collecting and printing your best Instagram snaps that can be assembled in a myriad of creative assortments.

Acrylic print to use to print Instagram photos

Our Tiny Tots are 70mm x 70mm acrylic squares that are cropped, printed onto glossy paper and face-mounted to 3mm acrylic. Grouping them together makes a beautiful collage of your favourite memories on your living room or bedroom wall. And, because they are lightweight all you need to mount them is double-sided tape – so quick and easy!

Square magnets

There are fun and functional pieces of kitchen décor that you can make completely your own – fridge magnets. Print Instagram photos that will turn your refrigerator into a display place that reflects your style, creativity and love for life with a collection of personalised fridge magnets.

Four PrintWild Magna Tots to use to print Instagram photos

Our Magna Tots are 70mm x 70mm acrylic squares finished off with a sleek and discreet magnet on the back. They are a beautiful and elegant way to decorate your kitchen or anywhere in your home and office that has a magnetic surface where you would like to use to display your memories.

Mounted prints

An at-home gallery of your favourite photos, whether filtered or unfiltered, makes a stunning addition to the feeling of your living spaces and how people connect with them when they step into your house. Hanging pictures from team building events can create an inspiring, cohesive workplace, while your chosen corporate artwork conveys a message about your business to clients.

Many PrintWild Tiny Tots to use to print social media photos

Our Faceblocks and Big 1s are mounted prints that both follow a modern square aspect ratio and distinguished from each other by their sizing. Faceblocks are 15cm x 15cm squares printed onto high-quality fine art matte paper and mounted on ShutterPly board for maximum visual impact. Big 1s are larger 30cm x 30cm high-quality prints mounted onto 16mm plywood. Both types of prints are delivered ready-to-mount with an industrial hook and loop mounting system, and we suggest hanging both Faceblocks and Big 1s in batches.

As much as we love posting content to our virtual worlds, there’s something a bit different about having a tangible picture you can hold in real life. So are you ready to choose and print Instagram photos? Then start your order or contact us for more information.