No More Monday Blues

Written By Bianca Bouwmeeser Neumann On 10 May 2016

If you’re struggling to smile on a Monday morning you’re not alone, turns out Monday’s are more depressing than we thought. Read about why Monday Blues exist herehere and here.

On average, we don’t crack our first smile until 11:16 am, reports The Telegraph.

You told us how you beat the Monday Blues, and we’re inspired:


1. Coffee

morning Cuddles Kisses

2. Morning cuddles and kisses

Little Things

3. Choosing to enjoy the little things

energy rightMindset

4. Energy, and the right mindset

fresh air

5. Fresh air

silly fun

6. Fun and a bit of silliness

7. A great breakfast, or ice cream with your 88 year old granny!

Today is a gift, appreciate and enjoy it. Share more of your images and ideas for busting the Monday Blues on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

Why are Monday’s so bad?

Health-related problems are one of the biggest triggers of the Monday Blues.  We need to get enough sleep, not over-indulge in food and drink and get through as much work as possible on Thursday and Friday so that we don’t start Monday’s buried in emails!

It seems that having something to look forward to, and being creative, are both fool proof ways of getting through the first day of the week.

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Create Something!

If you need a quick fix NOW, grab a piece of scrap paper and make someone in your office this origami heart, attach a note that says ‘With love from Monday’. Watch the instructions here while listening to Juluka’s ‘Woza Friday’ here.

Black Contemp Collage

Still not satisfied? Create a photo collage using free tools like Picasa and upload your collage here to print and frame. This project will definitely brighten up your home, and your day.