Ocean Photography: Marck Botha’s Turning Raw Power into Art

Written By Bianca Bouwmeeser Neumann On 10 Jul 2015


Sunrise Vortex – Copyright: Marck Botha

A friend forwarded us a link to Marck Botha’s Facebook page this month. Being ocean-loving people, and being so taken with his work, we asked him to share insights into his style of ocean photography with us. The image above titled, ‘Sunrise Vortex’, shows what a wave looks like when breaking if viewed from below, the colliding water causes beautiful tubes of trapped air to form.

Over to Marck to tell you more.

Marck Botha in action

I have always had a passion for wave riding, and enjoyed the unique perspective of the waves and the water, a perspective that most people don’t have the pleasure of experiencing or seeing. I also love capturing the amazing colours that are created when the sunlight is reflected and refracted off, and through, the water.

The two photographers who have had the biggest impact on me would definitely be Clark Little and Robbie Crawford, who have both pushed the boundaries in the field of ocean photography and ocean art.

Raw power

Raw Power Wave

Raw Power – Copyright: Marck Botha

This picture was taken on the South coast of Durban, at a famous surf break called Cave Rock. The wave breaks on a shallow rock face, and is exposed to all the ground swell. It was the perfect place to swim out on this large swell and capture the raw power of the ocean.

Gold diving

Gold diving
Gold diving

Gold Diving – Copyright: Marck Botha

This picture was taken in uMhlanga, Durban. The angle of the sun was perfect to catch the reflection of the sand off the surface of the bending wave.



uMhlanga – Copyright: Marck Botha

As the name suggests, this was taken in uMhlanga. It’s the view from inside a wave over looking uMhlanga’s hotels, shops, restaurants and buildings.

We love Marck’s work and are excited to see his images included in an exhibition at the Photo & Film Expo in November.
Find Marck on InstagramFacebookTwitter or buy his work online from DigitalGallery.

Example of Marck’s work for purchase, displayed in a Ballhyoo frame on DigitalGallery.co.za