When Words Fail, Pictures Speak

Written By Bianca Bouwmeeser Neumann On 10 Jul 2015

Image gifted to shark attack victim
Image source: Lesley Ann and Chelsea

It’s an emotionally tough month at PrintWild, we celebrate many joyful moments with our clients but also share in difficult times and grief through images like this one.

Sending love in the form of a picture

The news that her classmate was a victim of recent shark attack prompted this caring friend to turn her group shot into a Faceblock, she wanted to do something special for him and sent him this to remind him of his fabulous classmates.Her body boarding friend has had his leg amputated above the knee and we’re told is recovering well after being discharged. Our thoughts are with him as he continues to recover and adjust.

Memorial images also pass through the PrintWild doors each year,  mostly arranged in a hurry to accommodate funeral service plans. We’re privileged to be able to help people in a small way during their times of grief.

Image source: Taryn from coffeecouture.co.za

Don’t forget to photograph your loved ones

We stumbled across Taryn online this month after spotting her tweet,
“For those of you who still have your Dad, take photos and videos of them all the time. I have virtually none, and today it’s hitting hard. @tatibble June 21, 2015.” We felt she needed to print a memorial image of her late dad, from the few pictures that she did have.

We’re with you in the good times and the bad

The PrintWild team are submerged in stories, good and bad, each day brings us a new set of lives, memories and images that are entrusted to our care.

We loved this description of us written by a visiting journalist last week, “…the nature of the work they do is not only dealing in printing and framing but in capturing memories, immortalising moments and helping people during their joyous times as well as in times of profound grief.  Printwild encompasses the most sublime combination of a hugely successful enterprise with bucket-loads of heart, passion and community spirit, and I can’t help but feel excited for the future and what we can achieve together!”

Sometimes we don’t have any words to say. When words fail, pictures speak.