Photographing Kids Has Never Been this Easy – Hidden Mothers

Written By Bianca Bouwmeeser Neumann On 6 Oct 2016


Travelling back in time, photography wasn’t always as simple as ‘smile and click’. In the 1820s, early cameras would take several hours to capture an image!

In those days, photographing people was a big task. With annoyingly long exposure times, photographing people with a nice smile wasn’t possible. If you try and hold a convincing smile for hours then you’ll understand why.

Photographing adults was manageable but photographing children was almost impossible.  Most of the time mothers sat disguised as chairs holding their babies.

So if you think that photographing children today is a big task, spare a thought for these moms as you snap away with your mobile phones and incredibly fast shutter speeds. Take time to photograph your kids today!

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(Info adapted from Factslegend)