Turn your Mobile Photos into Works of Art

Written By Bianca Bouwmeeser Neumann On 30 Sep 2014

Our best photos are often taken with our phones, they’re always on, always with us and easy to access when those fun or breathtaking moments happen. The problem is we never seem to print our mobile photos. They end up backed up somewhere, or lost when your phone gets upgraded, or even stolen! Lost forever.

Does this sound like you; are there thousands of ‘trapped’ images on your phone?

PrintWild Faceblocks
Order Faceblocks from your Facebook image gallery

Your favourite phone, camera and social images can be turned into works of art. If you like to change your pictures often then Faceblocks are a quality affordable option, a set of these makes up an interactive photo wall and a playful conversation piece by printing your mobile photos. These popular Faceblocks are R60 and can be ordered online, accessing your images on Facebook or elsewhere with ease. We’ve added velcro to the back so they can be moved and updated as quickly as your photo gallery is. If you like the sound of framed or acrylic mounted images then browse more options before printing your mobile photos here.

Mobile Phone Artwork
Turn your mobile phone images into works of art.

We’ve watched the quality of phone images greatly improving over the past few years; don’t overlook the photos on your phone and print those mobile photos. They’re great; often they’re our most precious snaps.

Visit our website and get those perfect images off your phone or backup devices, and up on the wall where they belong.

Happy shopping!