3 ‘Do it Today’ Photo Ideas

Written By Bianca Bouwmeeser Neumann On 16 Mar 2016

You’re sitting on a gold mine! Your photos are valuable and beat any store-bought image. Why? They’re personal and meaningful to you, you won’t believe how they will change your living space with these photo ideas.

Idea 1: Photos in the bathroom

Pieter Naude’s Silverback Acrylic print from PrintWild

Pieter wasn’t afraid to hang his Silverback Acrylic print in his bathroom, it’s totally transformed his monochromatic look with a pop of colour. A breathtaking memory encouraging even the busiest person to brush their teeth for a minute longer every day!

Silverback Acrylics are a great product for humid areas. Images are sandwiched in an air-tight capsule between acrylic and lightweight aluminium composite. Watch the product vid here.

Idea 2: Inspiration at the office

PrintWild client Rudi (LinRuPhotography) office canvas print

Rudi Van Den Heever will live this magic moment every day now that he’s hung a canvas prints in his office. Do you have a blank wall at work that’s begging for inspiration? If you spend most of your hours at work, this is the project to prioritise.

Idea 3: Finish one room at a time

Fran Diesel’s White Contemporary Framed images from PrintWild

Fran’s TV room decor is now an extension of her afternoon beach walks with her dogs. She chose 4 x White Contemporary Framed prints for this sophisticated result.

It’s overwhelming and expensive to decorate the whole house in one go so start with one room, finishing it before moving onto the next room.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 11.38.57
Candice Webb’s custom framed print from PrintWild

Here’s a great example from Candice, she spruced up this empty space with one large custom artwork. Just like that with our photo ideas.

Print your own idea. Print your own image. Click here to start your order.