Printing Pictures of Your Pets

Written By Bianca Bouwmeeser Neumann On 10 Feb 2016

At PrintWild we see almost as many photo prints being ordered of pets as we do of humans! Take a look at this recent pet picture that we printed – an order that stole our heart.

Untitled design
Top L: Alfonzo (Alfie) Top R: Cooper (Coops/Chops) Bottom L: Isimomo (Izy) Bottom R: Columbus

Rebecca and Daniel ordered Faceblocks of their ‘furden’ and we asked them a few questions about their images:

Why did you decide to print photos of your pets?
A friend bought me two Faceblocks for Christmas and I loved them so decided to get lots more!
It was difficult to choose from the billion photos I have taken of my ‘furdren’ and chameleons but I just had to narrow them down.

Where do you plan on displaying these images?
In our little front room of the cottage we are staying in. When our house is complete I shall move them over.

How did you feel when you saw your family printed onto Faceblocks?
Awwww I was made up because unfortunately we have lost our beautiful bouncy boxer Alfonzo and this was taken on his last birthday. I know I’m very bias but my furdren are simply the cutest.

Tell us a little about each of your ‘furden’.
The brown brindle boxer with his birthday hat is Alfonzo! We bought Alfie over from Spain with us, he sadly lost his fight with cancer two years ago but I think of him often. Such a kind gentle soul who simply loved everyone, a more calm and placid gentleman could never be found. Alfie was my first boxer and created my love for the breed.

Our silver dappled dachshund Isimomo is the diva of our household and certainly rules the roost. A very caring but stubborn little character who is a pleasure to be around, our shortie loves the beach and especially digging for crabs. She loves giving her little angel kisses and loves belly rubs and being under the covers no matter how hot it is.

Our baby, our clown, our goofball is our white boxer ,17 month old Cooper. He’s crazy, chaotic, and a calamity. Chops as he’s known in our house had a full hip replacement in September but has fully recovered and making up for lost time. He makes us laugh everyday with his ways and expressions! Coops also loves the beach, goes mental for tuna and loves doing zoomies round the garden and making window art with slobber.

Columbus was our panther chameleon, he loved crickets and sunshine, he also crossed rainbow bridge a couple of years back. Such awesome creatures, now I have 6 others that are native to Kwazulu-Natal.

Baby Chameleons

Rebecca doesn’t have any tips for taking photos of your pets, she admits that she’s not great with a camera, her approach is to take so many photos on her phone that she’s bound to at least have one good one!

We’re feeling inspired to snap some photos of our precious pet family members and turn them into a print that makes us smile, laugh or remember them. We love printing your pet pictures, please keep them flooding in and making our day!

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.23.14
PrintWild client Lize Smith’s pet Faceblock prints, as shared on PrintWild’s Facebook page.
Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.25.06
PrintWild client Nicky Adams’ pet stretched canvas in her office.

Bentley’s a rescue dog that Nicky absolutely adores, having spent his first 18 months at a rescue facility she remarked on how he’s changed from a dog that was terrified of everything to an interactive dog full of life and energy. This image reminds her of him, and that journey, every day at her office.

Look at this cute pet photo entry into our recent A holiday is… competition.

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