3 ways to clean your artwork

Written By Bianca Bouwmeeser Neumann On 15 Nov 2016

One of the greatest concerns for our customers is how to keep artwork clean and tidy once its all up in place. Bookmark this blog post to keep these tips handy – here are 3 ways of cleaning some of Printwild’s most popular products:

1. Feather duster: lightly dust your Faceblocks and Big1s – these prints are mounted onto laminated timber so any wet cloths or sponges against them will end badly. An alternative option for cleaning this artwork and other Mounted Prints would be to use a dry micro-fibre cloth (avoid furniture polish or use sparingly if you want a shine but keep in mind that if they become too shiny, your images will reflect more glare)


2. Damp cloth: Printwild canvas products are sprayed with a protective layer which allows you to clean the artwork is to clean the canvas prints a bit more thoroughly. Using a damp cloth over the face and edges of the canvas will help remove any dust and you can apply light pressure without damaging your prints but don’t let your damp cloth touch the wooden frame at the rear.

Carin Greeff_Canvas_Oct2016

3. Soapy water: Acrylic and silverback acrylic pieces are specially designed to give your space a modern contemporary look. To keep these products in tip top shape, use warm soapy water and avoid all solvents.
Lee-Ann Toich_Family Acrylic

We know that maintenance costs and the fear of destroying precious art are sometimes what keep you from putting up worthwhile images, but stick to  these tips and enjoy your clean artwork for as many years as you like. Have specific questions? Chat to our team members live on our website or call 086 999 0233.