What is digital art?

Written By Bianca Bouwmeeser Neumann On 10 Nov 2016

Paved with sculpting, sketching, painting, woodwork and so much more, the road we know as ‘Art’ is an unending avenue of imagination, exploration and reflection all at once. Imagine, now, the exponential increase of opportunities to express ourselves as we welcome a new form of creativity: ‘Digital Art’.

First question: is it really that new? Hands up if you remember the good old days when we would claim the PC for ourselves, for ‘work’ of course, and within a few minutes we would see one of these on our screens:


Ok, so some of us really had fun and others of us had no clue what we were doing, but we enjoyed it. As time passed, we applied more thought, and we tried sticking to 2-3 colours, even if we couldn’t get the shapes drawn correctly:


Then we evolved a little more, and used preset shapes to create more sophisticated masterpieces:


And today we look back so sheepishly at those creations: why? Because we have accomplished digital artists like Cean Herzfield, who are capable of producing digital images like this:

Cean Herzfield_Harvest Time_8Nov16

Of course there is now far more sophisticated software available and we can generate house plans, digital sketches, renders and so much more, but the age of digital art is upon us and, while some may argue that it isn’t ‘real art’, it’s certain that some pieces are worth us taking a moment to admire.

Translating digital work back into your physical space is also easier than ever; chat to the Printwild team about how to create acrylics or stunning box frames out of your, or our professional artists’, digital artwork.