Why we need art in the workplace

Written By Bianca Bouwmeeser Neumann On 22 Nov 2016

Today’s fast-paced, overworked and underpaid society is becoming trapped within a dangerous dogma: from morning until night, we’re just zombies, on the hunt for fresh coffee and racing through deadlines to remember, only at the end of the day, that we’ve missed soccer matches and music recitals or we were meant to run down to the supermarket to fetch something for dinner. Why do we need art in the workplace?


In a world like ours where, too often, we shut ourselves off from our natural environments, many studies have proven that visual stimuli can help us take a moment to be still, quiet our minds and reset our internal clocks with workplace art. What does it mean for your business? More focused staff, higher levels of motivation and happiness, less spillage/wastage in production lines and better customer service, which leads to an increase in sales!


Motivational quotes are great but can sometimes make employees feel as if they’re just numbers, trudging through a system that only tells them they need to keep pushing further and harder to achieve their employers’ targets. Using tranquil images or points of interest can actually help staff zone out, percolate some of their best ideas and allow for more creative thinking and problem solving. 

IMG_1459Above is an example that works so well – our very own Printwild office! Charlotte and Prenessa face this beautiful piece on a daily basis and it really helps to escape work stress and concentrate on keeping our customers happy. We even have a stunning canvas print mounted up in our stairway, for everyone to enjoy and marvel at on their way to and from the kitchen:

Why art works - at work!

Whether it’s a beautiful image or a custom Printwild wallpaper, try out this simple technique for motivating your staff and share your team’s feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can also learn how to help your staff beat the Monday blues by visiting another of our blog posts.