How to tell if you got what you paid for

Written By Bianca Bouwmeeser Neumann On 30 Nov 2016

In today’s world, there are so many spin-offs and copycats, counterfeits and ghosts – how do we really know that we’re getting the quality we deserveCanvas printing is one of the most popular modern art forms and we’re here to help you tell the difference between 3 kinds of canvas prints: Printwild PremiumPrintwild Standard and common polyvinyl canvas.

Let’s start off with the Printwild Premium Stretched Canvas prints: the holy grail when it comes to superior quality. Museum-quality, archival certified, polycotton canvas, printed onto by an eight-colour supreme digital printer, naturally set and mounted onto a solid backing board all before being hand-stretched over a specially and carefully constructed hand-built wooden frame.

It’s no wonder even the Digital Gallery pros love their artwork done on Printwild Premium: up to 70 years of guaranteed bliss, thanks to an additional smooth and even layer of protective sealant. Best suited for the connoisseur who savours crystal-clear supreme quality worth every hard-earned cent, this is a product you can rely on for decades.

Now, let’s move on to the Printwild Standard Stretched Canvas. The product of a seven-colour digital printer, its ability to print low-resolution images is astounding. Employing the very same love and care of the Printwild Premium Stretched Canvas, our polycotton Standard Canvas is also naturally set onto a sturdy backing board and hand-stretched over a hand-crafted wooden frame. The idea behind Printwild’s introduction of the Standard range is to offer aspiring collectors and avid art lovers, families and small to medium sized enterprises the chance to purchase a high-quality canvas product at a more affordable rate.

Last but not least we have the commonplace polyvinyl canvas, often coated with a layer of PVC, PVA or mixed polyvinyl substrate. A remarkably cheap and accessible substrate, polyvinyl fabrics are mainly used to produce high volumes of low-grade canvas products and are even considered harmful (those coated with PVC especially) (Tox Town, n.d.).

Another way to tell you’ve been taken for a ride is to look at the back of your canvas product to see if the frame is braced with a board (or cross-bracing for larger frames, like Printwild automatically includes for your added peace of mind). Without the backing board, it could take less than 6 months for you to see your beautiful prints start sagging, and the frame start warping!

So, to know that you’ve got the best quality and real value for your hard earned moola, rather chat to Printwild’s expert team instead of leaving it to chance or chasing high volumes which won’t last.